Skinny Dipping

Un-natural Wines

An Adventure in Taste & Texture

Skinny Dipping is an adventure in taste and texture, creating some very un-natural wines. Delicious, structured, and approachable, these wines are perfect for enjoying on their own, or on the patio with friends and food.
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The Skinny on the Skinnys
Skinny Dipping was created from a desire to produce approachable skin fermented white wines as a way to help those looking to dive into the wild world of orange wine. Clean, focused, and fun, these wines are full of flavour and character, and are designed for easy drinking and exploration into a new world.

Meet the Maker!

Skinny Dipping was born out of the mind of our resident marketing guru, Nick Pappas. Having first tasted a ramato Pinot Grigio from Italy during his time at Brock University, Nick fell in love with the style, and wanted to find more of this delicious pink Pinot and other orange wines. A combination of a lack of availability in the marketplace and approachability of those that were led Nick to devise a plan to create these wines. With the help of long-time friend and fellow collaborator Mitchell McCurdy, Nick and Mitch co-created the wines of Skinny Dipping.

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