The idea for the 80x Wine Company started in 2015 when Vadim and André had a conversation at a wine gala in Niagara. “Wouldn’t it be great if we made some wine together?” – they asked each other.

So many conversations start like this – but how many come to life? André is a wine writer based in Toronto. He believed you are what you drink, and it’s important to understand what it takes to go from vineyard to bottle. Vadim wanted an outlet to explore some more experimental winemaking. Guillaume studied the wine business in France. After working for one of the local wineries he decided he wanted to get his hands dirty. He assured André and Vadim that he could help them learn how to sell their wine. How do you go about making VQA wine? A friend challenged the guys if they could find the fruit they could make the wine.

So they knocked on every door in Niagara until they secured some grapes. Their mutual love of Gamay led to their first bottle – Hair of the Dog. After learning some hard lessons selling the first batch. They learned that it takes crazy people to be involved in this business – and they wanted to be crazy too. 

As an ode to everyone being an 80s baby, the 80x Wine Company was born. In 2017, focus shifted from Gamay to Pinot Noir… and after some hand wringing Dam Chardonnay. After a challenging cool, wet summer – When Pigs Fly was born.

This wine has found its way onto some of the most exciting wine lists in Ontario – Enoteca Sociale, Antler, La Bartole, Archive, Bolete, and Oddbird to name a few. In 2019, Adam Kern joined the team, bringing years of experience being trained as a somm and working at some of the best wineries in Ontario.

A dedicated winemaker with a growing family we’re excited to bring Adam’s expertise and creative approach to our projects. In 2023 we joined Drink Collab and are thrilled to be a part of this collective. 

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