Crafting wines on a different path

The Brand

What does it mean to be crafting wines on a different path? Small and exclusive productions, sourced from top vineyards, crafted to deliver quality.

We hand-pick grapes from select parcels within some of Niagara’s best vineyards so we can deliver quality wines to passionate and engaged wine consumers.

For Divergence, quality is prioritized over quantity in every aspect of production. Our wines focus on precision, authenticity, and texture as we seek to deliver a unique take on the best of what Niagara has to offer. 

The Wines

Divergence produces wines true to origin and inspired by tradition, but not bound by it. Classic, but not necessarily mainstream. Authenticity and quality are never sacrificed, and our style will never be based in chasing the latest trends.

For us, the journey from grape to glass is an integral part of our wines, a journey fundamentally important to the uncompromising quality of Divergence Wines. We don’t make wine the easiest, fastest, or least expensive way, we make wines the way they should be made - with care and consideration at every step and for every decision along the way.

The result is a unique experience inside every bottle. Drinking our wines is an experience that can be both intellectual and satisfying, however you choose to enjoy them. 

Meet the Maker!

Jeff Moote is the founder and winemaker behind Divergence Wines. Prior to graduating from the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute’s Certificate in Grape and Wine Technology program, Jeff was an Engineer working in the chemical process industry. It was a career he enjoyed, but an entrepreneurial drive and growing passion for wine led him to seek a new path in the wine industry.

Jeff has worked at well-known Niagara wineries such as Fielding, Creekside, and Trius before joining the Collab team and launching Divergence. His time both inside and outside the wine industry has reaffirmed his “no compromises” ethos that continues to drive him. When not in the cellar or crunching numbers behind a spreadsheet, he can be found in the woods on his mountain bike.


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