Fundraise with Wine!

Say goodbye to chocolate bars! Fundraising with wine puts a unique spin on raising money for your local organization. Whether it be to support youth sports teams, animal shelters, or your local community charities and organizations, we can help meet your fundraising goals with wine and ciders. Start a wine fundraiser today, and earn 25% of each bottle sold (exc. tax and deposit).

How Our Fundraisers Work

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1. Contact Us!

Send us a message in the contact form below with your contact info and details of your organization.

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2. Pick Your Products

Our team will get in touch to help you decide on product offerings and help design your fundraising form.

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3. Collect Orders

Order forms are sent to you for members of your organization to collect orders during the fundraiser.

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4. Send & Receive

Once your fundraiser is over, send us your order forms, and we send you wine!

Ready to start your fundraiser? Contact Us!

Get in touch with us, and let us help you get one step closer to your goal.