Ev's Eclectics

Eclectic: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Honesty & Authenticity

My name is Mitchell Everett McCurdy, my friends call me Ev. I wanted to create a brand that allowed me to make weird and wonderful drinks from all of the beautiful things that Niagara grows.

Ev’s Eclectics is a collection of different drinks, done in different styles by a curious winemaker. I graduated from Brock University’s Oenology & Viticulture program in 2018 and having been working under the tutelage of Marc Pistor for the last few years and am bringing my own style to the table with Collab Wine & Beverages. I hope you take a chance on these tasty treats and that you thoroughly enjoy the adventure.

Stay Slick *Finger guns*

Why Perry?

In my adventures of tasting, I fell in love with a gin botanical steeped Perry made at a quaint little pub in Victoria, BC, and it stuck in my mind for years. We have some incredible tender fruit coming out of Niagara and I felt there was not enough Perry on the shelf, so I wanted to make that change.

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