The Brand

Inspired by the journey of life's milestones, Battersea Wines is made for every moment - whether you're raising a glass to new beginnings or simply savouring the day, our wines are there to enhance every experience. Each bottle is crafted to accompany the times that shape your life's story.

These wines are more than just beverages; they are companions to the memories you cherish, where every sip is a tribute to the meaningful moments that define who you are.

Wines to enjoy while making memories.

Meet the Brand Owner

Julie Enns is the mind behind Battersea Wines. Falling into the Niagara wine industry was meant to be an 'in between' and quickly became her passion. As she fell in love with the creativity in every part of this industry, she worked her way up to her current role, as Brand Manager at Marynissen Estates. These years spent in the industry has led her to working with the Collab team and brought the opportunity for Battersea Wines to be born.

Chardonnay has always been Julie's most loved wine, but what began as a venture into a 1 wine line has quickly grown into many more favourite styles & varietals. Working closely with some of her favourite Niagara winemakers, the wines in this collection are all products of great thought, care, and expression of both Julie's mind, and the winemaker's personal style.

Your Memorable Moment Companions


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