About Collab

Welcome to Collab Wine & Beverage! 

The Collab project is all about showcasing the unique, boutique brands creating craft beverages. While some of our brands have been available through other means, we are excited to give them a platform for their faces and voices to be heard and seen. 

While our portfolio currently includes offerings of wine and cider, we will be managing our ever-expanding offerings to include any beverage you can think of; unique craft beer, delicious craft cocktails, small batch coffee, refreshing craft sodas, the list goes on!
Drinks like these deserve to be shared

Meet the Crew!

Marc Pistor - Winemaker, Head Consultant

Marc has been making wine professionally since 2005. The former assistant winemaker at Inniskillin Winery and head winemaker for Arterra Wines, Marc started winemaking consultation in 2012 as well as creating and managing his own brand, Fogolar Wines, since 2013. Aside from making wine, Marc also teaches courses in the Oenology and Viticulture program at Brock University.

Ramsey Khairallah - Winemaker, Cidermaster

Born in Lebanon to a hardworking farming family, Ramsey was exposed to winemaking and cider making from a young age. After moving to Canada and taking up permanent roots in the country, Ramsey's adventure for knowledge led him to both Brock University's and Niagara College's winemaking programs before venturing abroad to work in the wine industries in Australia, New Zealand, France, and the US. Many vintages  later, he decided it was time to make some intriguing and old fashioned beverages, and thus created The Old Tun!

Mitchell McCurdy - Winemaker, Beverage Engineer

The resident king of nicknames at Collab, Mitchell is also a graduate from the Oenology and Viticulture program at Brock University. Currently the winemaker at Marynissen Estates in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Mitchell has worked on both sides of the country, having done a vintage at Quail's Gate in British Columbia in 2016. A sucker for Port, Sherry, and Perry, Mitchell hopes to one day add all of these beverages to the Collab portfolio!

Nick Pappas - Sales, Marketing, Tech

A winemaker at heart but a marketer by necessity, Nick is our resident marketing and social media expert. Nick previously worked along side us in the cellar full-time before and after graduating from the Oenology and Viticulture program at Brock University, before deciding his calling was in sales and marketing. If the website is broken, or something in your order was too, the lover of funky shirts is the one to blame.

Jeff Moote - Winemaker


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