Maenad Wine Co.

Wines and Women, Untamed

The Maenads

The Maenads were female followers of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, and were known to partake in some wine and break into ecstatic dance as part of their rituals. Turns out our winemaker has been following parts of the Maenad lifestyle realizing it had roots in distant past. We obviously aren’t living in the 3rd century BC and there aren’t a lot of “followers” of Dionysus among us these days. What we do take away from the Maenads is a lifestyle that celebrates women and wine, and a celebration of all women everywhere.

Meet the Maker!

Winemaker Yvonne Irvine co-owns Maenad Wine Co. with her husband Rob Wallace. The project was born out of a desire to create a brand with integrity and produce honest, well made and interesting wines on their own terms. The brand celebrates women and wine - as they are, completely unfined and unfiltered. Yvonne brings 14 years of winemaking experience and knowledge along with a zeal for perfectionism to a brand that is a true reflection of her spirit and personality.
Yvonne had been following the Maenad playbook all along, without even realizing it. After stumbling across the history of these fierce, wild, wine drinking women one night the notion of creating not just a brand or a winery, but a lifestyle began to take shape. Her wines will reflect both the spirit of the Maenads and her determination to create fun, well made interesting bottles to be enjoyed with laughter and exuberance.

The Maenad Wine Co. Collection

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