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Our Story

The wines of Fogolar endeavour to showcase and celebrate the hard work and skill of our grape growers and the extraordinary potential of wines in Ontario.
This brand offers a portfolio of ultra small-batch VQA wines that are true to vineyard, varietal, and vintage.

The Man Behind the Wines

Throughout his years in the industry, Marc Pistor has had the opportunity to train alongside some of Ontario’s best winemakers, learning his craft and discovering his passion. This journey continues through his own brand while focusing on elevating the reputation of Ontario wines in the eyes of our consumers.


Iconic Niagara wine, for everyone.

A Wine Club Like No Other

The Fogolar Wine Club offers exclusive, small batch wines from select vineyards across the region, wines that are of both extraordinary uniqueness and amazing value. Riesling and Cabernet Franc, the two pillars of the Fogolar Wines portfolio, offer the perfect expressions of the unique Ontario terroir and a snapshot of the everchanging landscape of Canadian winemaking.

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Our Grapes of Passion

Our Reason for Riesling

Riesling is one of, if not the most, terroir-expressive grape grown around the world. Canadian grown Rieslings show great potential in expressing their growing conditions, making it the perfect varietal to showcase the true terroir of a region, appellation, and subappellations. When we look at our home base, Riesling from Niagara comes in all shapes and sizes, from the lean and racy Twenty Mile Bench to soft and luscious Lincoln Lakeshore to the concentrated and rich Riesling Icewines, all the while making for a great educational experience in discovering this beautiful region.

For the Love of Franc

One of the parent grapes of both Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Cabernet Franc has been increasing in popularity in the extreme winemaking regions of Canada, showing consistent ripening potential year in and year out while also capable of making rich, textured, and elegant wines. Cabernet Franc is expressive of its growing conditions, making for an ideal candidate of showcasing the vast differences in terroir amongst red wines.

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