Maenad Holiday Collection Pack

Maenad Holiday Collection Pack

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We are offering a flash sale for the holidays on the Maenad Wine Co. Collection! All of these delicious wines are unfined, unfiltered, and bottled with lees, with no additional sulphur used in the winemaking process, creating wines with unique characters and profiles.

Pick up one of each of the tasty trio for $89.95  including shipping, or stock up with a six-pack of two of each wine for $149.95 plus free shipping!


Featured Wines

Maenad Wine Co. 2020 Piquette (750mL, $19.95). Refreshing, tangy grapefruit.

Maenad Wine Co. 2020 Skin Fermented Chardonnay (750mL, $34.95). Structured, rich texture.

Maenad Wine Co. 2020 Vidal Pet-Nat (750mL, $28.95). Peachy, zesty, citrus.


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